Top 5 Myths about Hair Loss

Hair loss is more common than we like to admit, about 1 in 5 people experience hair loss in the U.S to date. However, there are many speculations about what really causes hair loss, which has led to the spread of myths or false beliefs that people have created throughout the years. Hair loss or alopecia stems from a variety of factors such as genes, health, age, and even cellular functions on the scalp. As a leader in the hair replacement industry, we feel like it is our duty to be able to inform you with the facts so that you are able to differentiate between the truth and false beliefs about hair loss, but before we speak about the facts, we will be discussing the top 5 myths about hair loss.

Myth 1: Wearing hats causes hair loss

Who doesn’t wear hats nowadays? Hats or head coverings have become a staple in people’s daily wear and fashion choices, and have even become a requirement to wear to work in some places. However, it is common for people to assume that wearing hats causes hair loss because they believe that the hat may create friction against the scalp and strain hair follicles that could lead to hair loss. However, this is a complete lie. The truth is, if you wear the same hat constantly without washing it, the oils and dirt collected on the hat could cause harm to the scalp that could then lead to infections, and in this case could potentially lead to hair loss. Another statement some have tried to back up this myth with is the idea that the hair is being suffocated by the hat as, according to them, the hair needs air to breathe and grow. Yet, there is no scientific evidence to prove this as the root of the hair gets oxygen from the blood on the scalp and not actual air itself. Therefore, wearing hats does not lead to hair loss.

Myth 2: Clogged pores cause hair loss

Clogged pores on the scalp actually cause acne, not hair loss. If this were the case, all one would need would either be medicated hair products, a deep cleansing treatment or they'd simply need to wash their hair thoroughly for the hair loss to no longer occur. Since this is not true, it makes this statement just another myth on the list. However, there are some cleansing shampoos and scalp related products that may help to get rid of dirt and oils on the scalp that could lead to healthier hair growth in the long run.

Myth 3: Hair loss occurs due to decreased blood flow to the scalp 

Decreased blood flow to the scalp is actually the result of having hair loss but not the cause. Increased blood flow to the scalp stimulates hair growth and happens naturally, yet blood flow does in fact decrease once there is less hair on the scalp because less blood flow is needed for the remaining hair. However, no studies have shown that decreased circulation causes hair loss.


Myth 4: Frequently shampooing your hair causes hair loss

Frequently shampooing one’s hair does not cause hair loss. It is completely normal to lose a couple of hairs while in the shower, as it is typical for the average person to lose approximately 100 hairs a day. This myth comes from some who may be experiencing hair loss and blame the extra hairs in the shower on their hair products or things they are using. However, there is no correlation to frequently shampooing one's hair leading to hair loss.


Myth 5: Frequent exposure to the sun causes hair loss

Sunlight, and exposure to it, does not cause hair loss. Nonetheless, there are people who believe this to be true. Yes, there is no doubt that exposure to heat may cause hair damage, but there are no scientific studies that prove that exposure to the sun causes hair loss, nor has there been a correlation between the two. Basically, you can continue to enjoy the sun without worry of it causing hair loss, just don’t forget to apply your SPF!

All in all, even though myths surrounding hair loss may continue to be around for ages to come, we want you to be aware of the facts so that you aren’t misinformed. Hair loss can be caused by a variety of different factors such as genes, health, age, medication, and even cellular functions on the scalp. Not everyone that experiences hair loss is affected in the same way, as some experience partial hair loss, complete hair loss, or even temporary hair loss. We are aware that everyone deals with things differently and if you or someone you know has hair loss issues or any questions or concerns regarding hair loss, you can count on New Image Labs to help.

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