Crossfit Training

Our Crossfit Training Will Help 
Take Your Business to the Next Level.

Learn from the industry's most successful business owners and see how you can grow your business by attending one of our Crossfit Training Seminars and receiving one-on-one training. Meet the NEW New Image and see all that we have to offer.

Dates Available

In House:
May 3rd & 4th - West Palm Beach, Florida (8 Spots Available)
September 20th & 21st - Toronto, Canada (4 Spots Available)
November 8th & 9th - West Palm Beach, Florida (10 Spots Available)
On The Road*:
March 15th & 16th  Sold Out
April 17th - Nashville, Tennesse
May 17th & 18th
June 28th & 29th  Sold Out
July 26th & 27th
August 9th & 10th
September 13th & 14th
October 18th & 19th - Houston, Texas
November 15th & 16th
*On the road dates are first-come, first-serve
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