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New Image Labs
At New Image Labs, we offer Crossfit Educational Training that prepares you to be the best in the hair replacement industry, whether you’re a rookie or a veteran. Either we travel to your salon, or you can attend one of our in-house training seminars held at our corporate office in West Palm Beach, Florida. We deliver intensive, hands-on training and certification sessions that will help you gain in-depth knowledge of our latest technology and products and how they will benefit your business. Our renowned team of educators provides expertise in application, theory, and technique to help you meet your clients' needs and demands. Get ready to train with the best of the best!
• Ricky Knowles
• Keith Zimmerman
• Randy Clark
• Marcelle Laurenne
• Karyna Fields
• Mohammad Rahebi
Topics Covered:
• Tools for success using Pro|Gen Probe scalp analyzers
• Attract new clients with Pro|Gen Active Care scalp therapy
• Repair and maintain processed hair with Pro|Gen Nutrifuse hair products
• Become a hair fiber master with Pro|Gen Fiberbond Keratin Thickening Fibers
• Increase your bottom line with our new Club.W women’s collection
• The art of delivering to the female market with top-of-head and micro-linking application
• Transform pre-custom lace and skin units to custom units
• Become a certified Luxia Artiss hair extension stylist
• Deliver pre-custom skin units from start to finish
• Procedures for custom hair orders, from mold making, proper hair samples, distribution, etc.

 Learn from the industry's most successful business owners and see how you can grow your business by attending one of our Crossfit Educational Training and receiving one-on-one training. Meet the NEW New Image and see all that we have to offer.


Article About New Image Labs CrossFit Training from the American Hair Loss Council