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Premium hand-made hair replacement options since 1964

For over 50 years

New Image Labs has been modernizing hair replacement options. Our hair replacement options are lightweight and undetectable, allowing you to go about your active lifestyle without worry. We offer the most current selection of styles and color combinations. Hair loss is a big concern for both men and women and can have a big effect on a person’s confidence. Whatever the cause of hair loss, whether it’s hereditary or a medical issue, having the right amount of hair can give people a boost in self-assurance.

The hair options of the past were bulky, difficult to blend and did not look natural. Today New Image Labs makes it easy to get the look and style you want, and you can feel great about your hair. We won’t stop until everyone that suffers from hair loss feels proud of their look. If you want to make a change in your appearance, browse our extensive selection of innovative products and color combinations.

From the President

New Image Labs, in all its sales channels, captures & addresses all needs in the hair replacement industry. For over 50 years, we have been leading the way in innovation, authenticity, and our quest to perfection is second to none. We pride ourselves on all our product offerings as we continue to lead the world in our industry.

Óscar R. Urzola


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