William “Willie” Campagnolo: 2013 Hair Icons Recipient

At the age of nineteen, William Campagnolo graduated from barber school and began his career working for his father. Soon afterwards, to advance his technical skills, he studied under Michael Vee who was a renowned men’s hair stylist of that time. William represented the state of New Jersey as a member of the New Jersey state men’s hairstyling team. His work was often featured in men’s hairstyling magazine.

In the very same year, William began to invest time in the men’s hairpiece business and he became involved with Charles Alfieri to further his expertise in this new and exciting business. After honing his skills, in 1969 he opened his first hair styling and hair replacement salon in Bayonne, New Jersey. Later that year he entered the world wide hairpiece competition and took third place. Third place was great! But in 1970 he would take first place!

For the next 18 years William and his wife Gerry formed a successful hair replacement business. His skills made him very well known and he trained many hair replacement experts, who moved on to leave their own mark in the industry. One of William’s goals was to not create followers, but instead create leaders. Doing that, he left his footprints throughout the hair replacement industry. He was also an active leader in many industry organizations, such as AHLC and Transitions Group.

William has touched many individuals in the hair restoration business and remains one of it’s most respected members. He is proud of all of his accomplishments and now, nearing his retirement, he is especially proud of the honor of the “Randy Martin Lifetime Achievement award.

“I must say, it gives me a great sense of pride being awarded this honor by my peers and I wish to thank them all!”


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