Fredd Hoyer: 2018 Hair Icons Recipient

Born in Oslo, Norway and known to many as an innovative hair architect, Mr. Fredd Hoyer has developed products over the years that have changed the hair replacement industry for the better. He started as a hairdressing teacher, sharing his keen knowledge and techniques with his students for seven years. In 1977, he opened his first salon in Oslo, Norway which is still up and running to this day. Today he runs the most successful and prestigious hair replacement company in Norway.


In collaboration with New Image Labs President, Oscar Urzola, Mr. Fredd Hoyer was a big part of the most significant hair system ever created, NXGEN Effects. Other fan-favorite accessory creations by Mr. Hoyer include the X2O adhesive for clients with skin sensitivities, X2O Sponges that prevent adhesive from seeping into the rubber, the Smart Tool which features a bullnose tip that pushes hair away when cutting in lace system or skin systems, and his latest contribution to the industry, Cleanse Plus.


Because of his commitment to advancing the hair replacement industry, it is with great honor that we present Mr. Fredd Hoyer with the 2018 Randy Martin Lifetime Achievement Award.