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NX-Gen Effects® from New Image is a full line of client preparation aids for the NX-Gen Skin Effects & NX-Gen Lace Effects hair replacement lines. Forget about “revolutions” - Welcome to the next generation of hair.

Developed over a two year period with specialized hair replacement chemists and formulated to New Image’s exact standards, the NX-Gen Effects client scalp preparation aids are unparalleled to any other hair replacement products. Each product has been formulated to positively react with each other, delivering superior holding power and comfort.


  1. STEP 1 NX-Gen Effects Rinse Away is an innovative scalp cleanser that also effectively removes most types of bond residue. NX-Gen Effects Rinse Away effectively cleans your client’s scalp in one easy step.
  2. STEP 2 NX-Gen Effects Deep Recovery X-FO Gel provides deep cleaning and removal of dead skin cells and debris, leaving the scalp and hair thoroughly clean. Wear gloves to prevent oil transfer from hands to the scalp.
  3. STEP 3 NX-Gen Effects Derma-Seal is specially formulated for the protection of the dermis to prevent the release of deep-seated sebum and grime, leaving the treated area thoroughly dry, clean and sealed. Derma Seal also helps control bacteria growth, minimizing odor.
  4. STEP 4 NX-Gen Effects Unifying Agent is a non-toxic, non-flammable application. 
  5. STEP 5 X20 Sponges are made with closed-cell foam, these sponges ensure that adhesive will not absorb into the sponge. Simply cut away the used area to re-use a wedge.

COVID-19 Shipping Notice

Please note that due to COVID-19, our facilities are operating in a reduced capacity. All orders placed will be processed within 7 days of the order being placed.

International and Canada Shipping: DDU. All Duties and Taxes are the responsibility of the customer.

International and Canada Returns: Any refund issued will be processed minus shipping & handling charges.


There are no refunds or exchanges for Clearance & Final sale items. Customers must request New Image authorization for return of hair replacement units and will be given specific information for tracking purposes. New Image alone determines any manufacturing defects, improper installation and improper care of units, for all returned hair replacement units. All factors below are considered before any decisions are made for either a customer credit, or product exchange, or a unit exchange or repair. Customers are liable for product returns, with New Image alone having the right to determine any occurrence of the following:

factors attributable to misuse
• improper installation
chemical or physical alterations (for example, incorrect “perms”, coloring, etc.)
• accidents or mishandling while in the possession of client

Custom - For return of any New Image Custom hair replacement unit to be permitted, the following must also be provided for each unit:

the original Custom order form
• any original client hair samples
any original mold or design material

Stock - For return of any New Image Stock hair replacement unit to be permitted, the request must be within six (6) months of date of purchase. Each unit returned without original packaging or that is not in original condition is subject to a $50 re-style & finishing fee. Each return request of a Stock unit is only permitted if the unit was not processed in any manner as follows:

cut styled worn stored incorrectly
any other processing that alters a unit’s normal characteristics as manufactured


Hair replacement units must be thoroughly cleaned and conditioned before submitting for repair. Addition of hair (repair) into specific areas of used units will

generally affect the original shape of the unit and is therefore not guaranteed.


1. Tape rolls, strips, wet-line products and other accessories (“products,” excluding hair replacement units) may be returned for exchange or credit within

thirty (30) days of purchase, if these are unused and in original packaging. If received damaged, “products” should be immediately returned, in unused condition.

2. Customer deliveries that are refused may be re-shipped if requested; both original and additional delivery charges will be customer’s liability.

3. Returns of hair extensions will be accepted only if they are still unused, in their original condition and packaging.

4. There are no refunds and exchanges for marketing materials, including, but not limited to brochures, posters, DVD’s, ad slicks, and videos. In case of

questions or concerns about this policy, please contact your New Image Sales Manager at 1-800-359-4247.