Which Hair System is Right for You or Your Clients? Lace, Skin, or a Mixture of Both.

Choosing between hair systems may seem difficult, especially if you are just starting your hair replacement journey. No worries, we are going to go over 3 different types of hair systems to discuss which hair system is right for you or your client- lace, skin, or a mixture of both?


Lace systems are recommended for those who live an active lifestyle, who typically live in warmer climates, and are looking for comfort without compromising the way the overall hair looks. Lace systems tend to look extremely realistic and are lightweight, which makes them fit for everyday comfort. This is due to the fact that the lace material they are made of not only provides breathability but also looks natural and undetectable as it blends easily with the scalp. New Image Labs has a variety of lace systems including French Lace and Swiss Lace options that you may choose from. The difference between French Lace and Swiss Lace is that french lace tends to look invisible and can be a little more durable, while Swiss lace systems are extremely light and thin, and although they offer a natural hairline, they can be delicate and needs to be treated with special care.


Skin hair replacement systems are made for those who want the most undetectable hair system, that is easy to clean, and is durable. Skin hair systems are made to feel bare and natural and made extremely thin, to be visibly undetectable, or made thick, to be more durable. This unique hair system option allows the wearer to experience the feeling of their natural scalp as if they are not wearing a hair system at all. This is due to the super-thin poly skin base or foundation and material that is used. This is why skin hair systems provide the appearance of fully natural-looking hair, that looks like the hair is growing directly out of the scalp.

Mixture of Lace and Skin

Hair systems that are made of both lace and skin can be found under the New Image "Other" category in the Men's Collection or can be custom made if needed. Mixtures of both Lace and Skin hair systems are for those who want a unique feel and look to their hair. Not only will the wearer get an undetectable hair system, but it would be fit to their needs as there are multiple options available with different amounts of each material. These hair systems can often be more durable, and if custom made can be designed with light, medium, or heavy density as well as a variety of different colors to make the desired hair system. Choose from a mixture of your favorite materials or simply create the perfect custom hair system. Whatever you decide, New Image has made it easy for you and your clients to fulfill their individual wants and needs. To view our options, visit www.newimagelabs.com or to make a custom order just fill out a custom order form and send it to us and you are ready to go. 

For more information about individual hair systems, or to choose from our variety of men’s and women’s hair systems visit: www.newimagelabs.com or email: info@newimagelabs.com

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