How to Address Your Clients With Thinning Hair Problems

It's hard enough for people with thinning hair problems to deal with it, even more, difficult to talk about it.

Let's face it! We are all losing hair; it can be because of our genes, part of a hormonal problem or aging. But, how do you approach your clients on this sensitive matter?

When you notice a small bald patch, crown, forehead, or receding hairline on your client's head, what do you do? You should ask if they have noticed something different on their hair or scalp recently. Make sure to talk in a private environment, where your client can feel comfortable. Be gentle when you approach this subject, most clients get emotional, and LISTEN to your client, letting them know you are here to help. Try not to diagnose the problem but discuss the changes you notice.

Give them options from the beginning. Don't worry, we've got that covered! You can prevent hair and scalp issues with our Pro|Gen Probe cameras, use scalp treatments such as Active Care to treat each problem, wear New Image’s hair systems for advanced issues, get luxurious double-drawn hair extensions with Luxia Artiss, and keep hair systems and natural hair healthy with our wet line products from Nutrifuse. Oh, and don't forget about the instant solution that may work perfectly for clients with small sections of thinning hair, Pro|Gen Fiberbond.

We understand that hair systems are still a taboo in our society, but sometimes it is the best alternative for solving your client's pesky problem. With hair systems, you will have access to their scalp to cleanse it and keep it healthy, and they have the opportunity to get their confidence back.

If you get a final yes from your client, you have to explain the cost of acquiring and maintaining a hair system. Always try to help your customers by giving them convenient payment options, be conscious of the situation that evolves this whole process.

And last but not least, educate your clientele. Provide material in your salon that will help them understand each problem and every solution, try to use facts and testimonials.

At the end of the day, honesty is what builds your client's trust. So, keep it real! It is an investment they will have to make but do not promise that their hair will grow back.

Remember to provide all the info you can and treat your thinning hair clients with kindness.


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